We Buy Old Jewelry!

We love to purchase quality Southwest jewelry! The majority of our vintage pieces are acquired from private collections and individuals just like you. So if you have Native American jewelry that you no longer wear, let us take it off your hands!

Here's how:

  • Email Photos Of Your Piece(S) To Us At info@shopgarlands.com

    • Please Don't Send Us Photos That Require A Magnifying Glass! The Higher Quality The Photo, The Easier It Is For Us To Tell If We're Interested.

  • Include A Price! What Are You Asking For The Piece?

  • Include Any Information You Have About The Piece.

    • Where Were They Bought?

    • When Were They Bought?

    • Do You Know The Artist?

    • Do You Know The Turquoise Mine? Etc. Etc.

Once we receive your email, we'll review the photos and let you know if we're interested!

Thank you for making us your choice when it comes to southwestern art!

The Garlands

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