Alfred Lee, Jr.

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Alfred Lee Jr. of Shiprock, New Mexico is an outstanding beadsmith. He is the older of two brothers and has a natural talent for beading. Little did he know that this artistic talent would become a fulltime career. Alfred Jr. is inspired by his father Alfred Lee Sr., who is an award-winning Navajo silver/goldsmith. Alfred Jr. had decided to carry on the family tradition and business that has a nationwide reputation.

His distinctive and stylish creations are eye catching. The traditional and contemporary styles he uses blend with age-old designs the beauty of natural turquoise or coral is often blended with the gleam of gold. Alfred Jr. is noted for only using rare to high-grade quality stones and 14 k gold. He starts by raw rough materials (turquoise, sugilite, and lapis). Each bead is hand-rolled and hand-polished. It takes several weeks and even months for him to create an extraordinary piece of jewelry. His father insisted that Alfred Jr. do his best and show perfectionism. With that kept in mind, Alfred assures that his jewelry is of high quality.

Alfred has done many educational seminars, which allow him to spend time with gallery owners, their staff, and even the public. He enjoys educating and sharing all of his knowledge with others. Alfred has been illustrated in numerous magazines and has received multiple awards.