Art Holmes Sr.

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Art Holmes Sr.

Arthur Holmes Sr. is the father and teacher of the well-known Hopi carver, Arthur Holmes Jr.   Both father and son have received recognition for their superb work in Kachina carving.  Highly sought after by collectors, both Arthur Sr. and his son keep busy producing some of the finest carvings available.

Their work can only be found in the most discriminating collections, galleries and museums around the world.  Arthur Sr. has a truly unique vision for realistic contemporary Kachina carving, which he has successfully passed on to his son.

As a Hopi Kachina Carver, Arthur Holmes, Sr. has often found that the pieces he carves, will become what they want to become.  Every aspect of his pieces are detailed to the extreme.  Take special notice of the carved hands, fingernails, and folds in the sashes and robes covering the Kachinas.  A special feature is the cluster of feathers emerging from the mouth - representing the sacred "breath" of life.  This is a rare and sometimes considered taboo feature, but adds a great deal of character to the piece.

Both Arthur Sr. and Arthur Jr. are quiet people who enjoy carving in seclusion.  This approach seems fitting since so much of the Kachina tradition involves a reverence for the natural and animal world.  This same regard for nature and the spiritual realm is reflected in Arthur's highly detailed and extremely realistic carvings.

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