Jack and Mary Tom

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Jack and Mary Tom

Jack Tom was born in Smoke Signal, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.  He began his career in 1971 and continues to produce beautiful work today with his distinctive blend of 14k gold and silver or silver with stones.

Jack has a deep appreciation and respect for his ancient Navajo heritage and the symbols of his rich culture.  Tom composes his craft by incorporating ancient symbols with contemporary images for a distinct look to his pieces.  Mary assists in the creation process as well which aides in completing a joint design style linking their rich heritage and the 21st Century.

Jack uses only the finest Natural stones in his work.  He loves the combination of coral and turquoise. He is a humble and soft spoken man with many talents.

Mary’s major artistic influence is Myron Panteah, and they are both part of the Edgewater Clan. Mary’s Style is so distinct, classic and elegant.  Her beads are very difficult to make and so unusual. Mary has four children, and her daughter Angie is now working side by side with her. Mary is starting to travel and be with her five grandchildren. We really enjoy working with Mary as she is always happy and laughing.  Her work is impeccable and is made with such care.