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    Navajo Rugs

    All of our rugs are woven by Navajo weavers, most of whom live traditionally on the Navajo Reservation located across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. This is the largest American Indian Reservation in the country, some 16 million acres with more than 350,000 Navajos. From the inception of weaving by the Navajos around 1700, weaving has provided an important economic benefit to the tribe and a fine outlet for their artistic talents. Their rugs are made in the weaver's home or hogan on vertical looms using the same methods they have used for the past three hundred years. Today in the Southwest, the Navajos are the only Native Americans doing a large amount of weaving. We are presently getting less quantity of weaving than in the past, but the quality is the finest that it has ever been.

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    3 products
    Two Grey Hills by Annie Nez - Garland's
    Two Grey Hills by Annie Nez - Garland's
    $ 3,400.00
    Ganado by Annie Nez - Garland's
    $ 5,500.00
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