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    Castle Dome
    Castle Dome is located only 30 miles away from the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine near Globe, Arizona. Starting in 1943, Castle Dome originally operated as a copper mine. The copper mine employees were allowed to mine turquoise on their days off. Most of this turquoise was purchased by stone dealers in the area. The copper mine was closed in the 1950s after copper demand had decreased after WWII. It was later reopened as the Pinto Valley mine and then eventually became the Castle Dome mine.

    Castle Dome Turquoise is known for its bright and clear blue color caused by high copper content. The color is similar to its cousin, Sleeping Beauty, although Castle Dome is known to include more matrix, or host stone. The host rock is typically a light brown or sawdust color.

    Castle Dome is one of the classic names in American turquoise lore. It was widely available for decades in the mid twentieth century. You see Castle Dome in many vintage Southwestern jewelry pieces.
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