The migration swirl symbol is found at countless petroglyph sites in the Southwest. It represents the circled migration patterns of Native American tribes. The Hopi believe that they migrated from the south, in Southern Mexico and migrated for many years in search of where they were meant to settle. They believe they migrated West, North, and East until they circled back to discover the three mesas in Northern Arizona where they call home. The Navajos believe they migrated over the Bering Strait to North America. Their ancestors were probably the Athabascan peoples and later the Anasazi who migrated to southern Utah. Anasazi is a Navajo word that means "ancient ones". Around 1400AD, possibly due to drought and crop failure, the Anasazi disappeared and may have  migrated further south to eventually become the Navajo, among other tribes. In many ways, this symbol was used by native tribes in the Southwest to remember how they migrated to the lands they now call home.





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