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Cody Hunter

Cody Hunter is a Navajo artist from Chinle, Arizona. Cody was born in 1974 and has been making jewelry since 1994. Cody is an avid horseman and lives at the mouth of beautiful Canyon de Chelly with his wife and three children.

Cody Hunter’s multidimensional “Canyon Sandstone” designs of silver and 14k gold on the outside, with scenes from Canyon de Chelly on the inside, have won him awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and many dedicated collectors across the country.  A cowboy at heart, Cody also creates wonderful horse motifs in the storyteller bracelet style, which he uses in pendants, earrings, buckles and bola ties.

In addition to being a featured artist in our gallery, Cody participates in the Heard Museum Indian Market, Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eiteljong Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cody Hunter’s bracelets are based on the traditional concept of “Walking In Inner Beauty.”  The Navajo say, “If you judge someone from the outside you will miss their inner beauty.”  Sun rays and moon beams grace the outside of his bracelets, along with ancient petroglyph designs.  The inside depicts a typical way of life on the reservation for the Navajo people. The design on his “Inner Beauty Design” bracelet features 14K Gold images of the four directions symbol (looks like a cross), the Hand is symbol of Humanity, the Turtle is the planet Earth and the Wind and Infinity Symbol (looks like a swirl).  The inside of the bracelet features Spider Rock where Spiderwoman came from.  She learned to weave the rugs from the spiders. Also shown is the hogan which is their traditional design for a house and the Spring house where Grandmother tells the stories to the children of the old ways.