Isaac Coriz

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Isaac Coriz

Isaac is the youngest of Mary Lovato’s 7 children. He was born November 2nd, 1977 in Santo Domingo. When we asked Mary why did she name him Isaac, she said, “Oh no, we never name our children, their Godmother names them”.

Isaac is a carpenter by trade.  Yet he was heavily influenced by all his talented relatives, especially his mother Mary.  His grandfather (Mary’s Dad) Leo Coriz inspired his making of chains, while his grandmother Lupita Coriz taught him to make heishi beads.  His oldest brother Anthony Lovato has also been a creative influence.

Isaac is also a musician, and recently was asked to be an honorary speaker at the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, where the guests could hear him speak, play music and see his jewelry. He spoke about what he considers his trademark “Thunderbird” design.

He is a dedicated father to three children, loves to fish and hike, and is a wonderful son to his mother Mary.

Isaac's brother, Anthony Lovato, and his sister, Mary Francis Coriz, are also accomplished artists. His nephews Joel Pajarito and Cordell Pajarito are making a name for themselves as well.