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Jed Deutschman

   Jed was born in Cherokee County Kansas, and moved to Arizona at an early age.  He attended both the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University, majoring in Engineering.  After finishing college, Jed found himself unable to resist his fascination with jewelry making, and immersed himself into the full-time pursuit of smithing precious metals and stone into southwest styled jewelry.

    From his educational background and knowledge of materials, their stresses and tolerances, Jed made his own tools and developed new techniques in the crafting of fine jewelry.   Drawing on his knowledge of the past, he revived old methods, long since forgotten by most, to create pieces of exquisite design.

    His work has appeared in prominent publications, such as Vogue, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Redbook, Arizona Highways, and Plateau.  His concho belts have been used as a sales embellishment by Levi Strauss Corporation in international sales campaigns.  His work is sought after and has adorned the likes of noted celebrities, such as Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Glen Campbell, and Larry Mahan.

    After 50 years of jewelry making, Jed donates his experience and expertise as a master jeweler, serving as a consultant to the Navajo Tribe and the Northern Arizona Museum.  Jed continues to pursue his love of Arizona’s art and culture, and works out of his studio located in Jerome, Arizona.