Lutricia Yellowhair

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Lutricia Yellowhair

     Born in Steamboat, Arizona, Lutricia Yellowhair was the second child of 7 children. Her grandfather Sam Smith was the one who started her in the making of jewelry by teaching her how to solder. Later on in her life, she moved to Flagstaff to work for John Yellowhorse who had a store at that time. It was John who taught her how to cut silver and stamp various designs.  Lutricia’s style was classic and her keen attention to detail is quite apparent in her work.

     A dedicated mother, Lutricia raised her five children with much care. Two of her children, Ron Bedonie and Pat Bedonie, are both famous jewelry artists and have made her very proud with their accomplishments. You can see many similarities in all of their work, proving Lutricia’s teaching and influence on her children’s jewelry and their legacy.

     Lutricia also raised two of her grandchildren.  Her one grandson Shawn Bedonie, took to the silver-smithing at a very young age.  When Lutricia was not busy taking care of her family, she loved to crochet, knit, needlepoint and work with beads.

     On a social standpoint, Lutricia was thought of by many to be one of the most positive and happy people you will ever meet; she always looked towards the bright side of life. Lutricia passed away in 2021; whether we focus on her family or her career, Lutricia’s life was truly a success story. We will miss her!