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    Colin Coonsis

    “As an artist, it is my intention to make a statement of boldness and beauty with my jewelry. It is my intention to make a statement that my jewelry is unique, different, and yet entails the cultural experience that so defines each piece. From years of experience and exposure to a contemporary setting, my jewelry gives way for the modern-day person, and each person that observes and appreciates the legacy behind Native American art. Like many artists, making jewelry is not just a channel for my own finances, it is to fulfill a powerful legacy that has been preserved through many generations of Native American artists. At my pleasure, to create is such to propose a bond between the tradition behind Native American jewelry, and the modern ideals that contend to appeal to society today.

    Through my travels in the Navy, and while living in San Diego, CA, I felt inspired to move forward with my work. Through my experiences, I felt intrigued by the beauty of contemporary art, which has influenced my work abroad. I felt as though I could take any traditional Zuni design, and translate the design into a modern version that would appeal to many more people.

    I sustain the belief that people today are influenced by a progressive society, and even Native American artists must adapt to progression with an open mind. As I collect experience, my work becomes ever more intricate, and detailed. The tradition of Zuni art remains, and through my jewelry, the traditional ideals that have influenced Native American art for nearly a century are preserved through the collective influences that I have derived from my predecessors.”

    -Colin Coonsis

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