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    Loren Kootswatewa

    Loren Kootswatewa was born March 11, 1949 in Hotevilla 3rd Mesa and now resides in Kykotsmovi, otherwise known as New Oraibi also in 3rd Mesa.

    When he was a young man, Loren lived in Tucson and was recruited to work for Hughes Aircraft due to his exceptional mind with engineering.  He was the only one from his immediate family that moved to another state, let alone across the country to Massachusetts!

    It was not long before he returned home to the desert of Arizona in the 1960’s. His older brothers Wayne and Emery taught him the art of jewelry making. He learned to make jewelry with stones and also the traditional overlay designs.

    First Loren learned to make chains using copper, so that he could experiment before going to sterling silver. Ultimately, he loved making chains. Each single link is hand made.  He makes a variety of sizes and lengths. 

    He frequently thinks back on his father’s advice; he told Loren that you put yourself in your work and your work looks back at you. If you are not clear headed, take a break and come back later.

    Loren loves to paint and spends much of his time mentoring the young people of Hopi to learn the traditional ways of the Hopi.

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