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    Rolanda Haloo

    Rolanda Haloo was born in 1956 in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.  She learned the basics of jewelry-making from her father, Jacob Haloo, who also taught her cousin, Dennis Edaakie, one of the most renowned Zuni artists. 

    At age 14, Rolanda attended St. John’s Indian School in Phoenix, Arizona where she gained independence by being away from the familiar surroundings of home.  She began to experiment with jewelry-making in school using copper and other inexpensive materials, until she was encouraged to branch out by her teacher, who recognized Haloo’s natural talent.

    Rolanda focused her artwork mostly on bird inlay and other traditional jewelry designs she learned from her father and her siblings, but she is best known today for her Dragonfly Maidens.  In keeping with the family tradition, Rolanda Haloo went on to teach her son, Colin Coonsis, the art of jewelry-making and fine Zuni inlay techniques at age 14 and he has been recognized as an important younger Zuni artist.

    Over the years, Rolanda has been honored in several competitions, winning prizes at Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremonial, Santa Fe Indian Market, and the Zuni Show at Museum of Northern Arizona, where she won for a piece she made in conjunction with her son, Colin. 

    Rolanda Haloo currently lives in Zuni Pueblo with her partner, Sedrick Banteah, a Zuni fetish carver.

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