Charlie Pratt

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    This talented and prolific Cheyenne Arapaho artist, has  earned over 400 awards, including one from the Indian Arts & Crafts Association for "Lifetime Achievement".   Charlie is also the only artist to be named "Artist of the Year" in two consecutive years, 2003 and 2004.

    Charles (Charlie) Pratt is a self-taught artist who is called a wizard and a genius by his peers.  Pratt’s reputation is known throughout the world  because of the great breadth of his work and the incredible depth of each individual piece.  Using his Cheyenne-Arapaho heritage as a guide, Pratt breathes a unique brand of Native American poetry into his creations.

    Charlie’s art is not bound by any particular medium or scale.  He molds large, small and even miniature sculptures out of cast bronze, metal and stone.  Striking color and texture are added with his skillful use of silver, precious stones such as turquoise, and semi-precious stones including coral and malachite.  He is always anxious to add new techniques to his already extensive arsenal,  which include even non-traditional methods such as acrylics, fiberglass and dichromatic glass.

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