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    Crystal Haley was raised in Twin Lakes on the Navajo Reservation. Crystal was a star basketball player at her local high school. She was able to play all positions but loved being a point guard. Her team the Twin Lake Indians went to the Arizona State finals, and for the first time in the history of the high school, won first place in the state of Arizona. She was given a scholarship to Chandler Community College and loved her time there.  Eventually she wants to finish college and become a physical therapist.

    Crystal loves helping all people and especially her family. Although she has a desire to have a profession of physical therapy, she loves making the traditional silver Navajo Pearl beads that her family is known for.

    She started making beads in junior high by buffing and stringing the beads her family made. Her aunt and renowned Navajo pearl maker, Ruby Haley, took her under her wings when she was a freshman in high school. They have a very close relationship, and Ruby could see her potential early on. Crystal is very conscientious and meticulous in everything she does, including making her beads.  She says bead making is her therapy, her meditation of sorts, as it gets her mind off any worries she has.

    What a bright light Crystal is, and we look forward to seeing her grow as an artist.

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