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    Debra Gasper

    Debra Gasper is the daughter of famous Zuni fetish carvers, Pete and Dinah Gasper. She descends from the Weahkee family, one of the oldest Zuni families known for Fetish Carvings. Debra is the granddaughter of renowned Zuni carver Teddy Weahkee. The Weahkee family is considered the oldest Zuni family to carve Zuni Fetishes. Teddy Weahkee worked directly with C.G. Wallace in the early 20th century as is considered to be one of Zuni’s most famous carvers along with Leekya Deyuse.

    Just like her parents, Debra has become an extremely talented Zuni fetish carver for both free-standing animals as well as necklaces. Debra’s animals are full figured, three dimensional, and full of detail. She works in a variety of materials including turquoise, fossilized ivory, marble, and pen shell. Debra is married to Ray Tsethlikai and they will occasionally collaborate on pieces together.

    We think the Gasper family currently make the finest Zuni fetish necklaces and we are so proud to carry their work!

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