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    Herman Smith

    Cousin to the famed Martinez brothers, Calvin and Terry, and son of Mary C. Yazzie, Herman creates heavy and distinctively stamped jewelry set with natural turquoise. He creates ingot style bracelets with deep stamp work in the tradition of the old master silversmiths of the Navajo Nation. He also creates whimsical creatures and lovely omega style necklaces with beautiful pendants set with natural turquoise.

    Herman began working in silver at the age of 15, and continues to improve and perfect his own personal take on traditional Navajo silversmithing.  He is a devout church-goer, driving 70 miles every Sunday to the nearest place of worship in Ganado, Arizona.  But, perhaps above all, Herman has a love for hunting and the outdoors. 

    “When I’m not working on jewelry, you can usually find me in the mountains - camping or hunting.  It’s my way of connecting with Mother Earth.”

    1 product
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