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    Zach Ben
    “I am Zachariah Aaron Ben. I came about to be a good artist because my dad Joe Ben Jr. taught me my culture, my ways, ever since I was a little baby.  I now participate in ceremonies which are called Yeii Bichei spiritual blessings and the other ceremonies to help my people and make everything around be Hozho beauty.”

    - Zach Ben, 2009

    Zach’s father, Joe Ben Jr., is a Navajo Medicine Man and Zach is studying to become a Medicine Man as well. As part of his studies, which can take a lifetime, he memorizes countless chants and sandpainting designs to be used in future healing ceremonies. Zach has never cut his hair in honor of his medicine man apprenticeship.

    Now, several years since his words above, Zach continues to advance his artistic and spiritual work. He is an extraordinarily talented artist, teacher, and healer, carrying on the sacred Navajo ways. Zach also has a passion for traditional farming that gives back to the Navajo people. He specializes in white corn.

    Zach is photographed with his sister Geneva, holding some of the biggest ears of white corn that we've ever seen!

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