August 2022 Santa Fe Indian Market, 100th Anniversary Show

Are you still wanting to plan a trip this summer, but don’t quite know where to go?

Well, we suggest the SWAIA (Southwestern Association for Indian Arts) Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico in August! This year is the centennial of the Santa Fe celebration of this oh, so special event that celebrates the magnificent works of American Indian artists from all over the United States and Canada.  A variety of tribes and nations are represented here.  It is one of the most prestigious art events in the world. And wouldn’t it be special to attend the 100th anniversary of such an incredible event?!?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  It would be awesome!


The first Indian Market took place in 1922 in Santa Fe. (Yes, you probably did the math.)  It has served as a place to celebrate the artwork; pottery, jewelry, weavings, etc. of American Indians. There are some artists who work all year to present their wares to the world of collectors, buyers, and other human beings who love to support works of incredible Native American artists.


It is a very well attended event with upwards of 100,000 attendees per year.  And fun fact: it is the largest juried work of American Indian artists in the world.


Garland’s is honored to carry the works of artists who have and currently share their masterful artwork at Santa Fe Indian Market.  It is a place where generations of artists are featured. You may see the works of at least three generations of artists at the same time, which is pretty darn incredible to say the least.  


Santa Fe Indian Market is the most well known American Indian Art show, but if you live in Arizona, you’re in luck.  The Heard Museum hosts its own Indian Market and Fair in March of each year. In 2023, they will be holding the 65th Heard Museum Indian Market.  The tickets should go on sale sometime in November of this year. 


So, I will end this post with a bit of homework for you.  Attached below are some exciting links that just might teach you a think or two. Woo-hoo!




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