Apache Burden Baskets

San Carlos Apache Burden BasketApache Burden Baskets are fashioned from Cottonwood and Mulberry sticks and were used as utility baskets to gather fruit, berries, or nuts and to carry items in.  The dark weave is the outside bark, and the light weave is the inside of the bark.  It was normally carried on their back and supported by a strap on their forehead.  This basket is wrapped with leather at the top to provide greater support and durability.  The basket is also decorated with numerous leather strips with tin cones on the ends.  The tine cones jingle when the basket is moved.  This sound helped ward off animals as the woman walked through the desert, as well as to let the rest of the members of the party know where each other were.  The baskets range in size from 2” to 19” in diameter.  These are a truly a unique Native American item that you will cherish for many years.


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