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    Strong Reds and Diamond Motifs

    Lorenzo Hubbell, a famous early trader at his post in Ganado, AZ helped create the "Ganado Red" Navajo rug style. Mr. Hubbell prefered red weavings and borrowed design elements from the Navajo blanket period. The deep, rich red-dyed wool used in Ganado Red rugs is what many Navajo weaving enthusiasts associate with the art form. In fact, the use of red in weavings dates back to some of the earliest blankets and remains a dominant color in many of today's rugs. Weavers usually have to trade for the aniline dye source as the rich, red color rarely can be duplicated using natural sources. Ganado Reds are distinctive due to their vibrant, red color and central diamond patterns.

    Today, Ganado rugs will have a red background with accent colors of black, grey, white, or brown. The central design features a single or double diamond and four triangles, one in each corner. Other design elements may include hook patterns, simple diagonals and cloud or stair design borders.

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