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    Sage Nunez
    Sage Nunez is the second grandson of renowned silversmith, Fidel Bahe. He was born in Gallup, and his mother, Keri, is the daughter of Fidel.

    Sage took an interest and love of jewelry making at the very young age of nine. By the time he was 12 years old, Sage won his first awards as a youth silversmith for both his traditional and contemporary designs.

    In addition to his grandfather Fidel, he has been inspired by artists like Richard Chavez, Jesse Monongye, Wilson Jim, Edison Smith, and Al Joe. In fact, he has mentored with Al Joe in the art of bead making.

    Sage is continuing his education in Computer Science and has studied Physics and Chemistry.

    He loves to paint, draw and play the classical guitar. In his spare time he also loves to go camping with his wife and daughter.
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