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    Seneca Brosseau

    Seneca Brosseau was born in Tuba City, Arizona.  The son of a Navajo mother and a French/Mohawk father, Seneca has been given a unique cultural perspective that gives him the ability to create jewelry designs steeped in tradition, but always with an eye to the future. 

    Seneca’s family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona early on in his childhood.  Some of his earliest memories were of helping his mother sell her jewelry by the roadside.  His mother, seeing the talent within Seneca early on, taught him the art of silversmithing.   

    Seneca took to the artform quickly and soon went on to enter pieces into juried competitions as a young teenager.  Looking back, Seneca says that he always felt that silversmithing was in his blood.  Indeed, his family clan on his mother’s side is is translated as “The Rock Gap People,” who believe their gift is working with their hands to create beautiful things. 

    Seneca now resides in the Phoenix area with his high school sweetheart and wife, 2 daughters and a son.  His career continues to blossom, and with each visit he brings something new, always continuing to push the boundaries of his artistry.

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