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    Blue Moon

    The Blue Moon Turquoise mine, nestled in the mineral-rich Esmerelda County of Nevada, is a noteworthy source of exquisite turquoise. Operated and managed by the Otteson family, who have a long-standing tradition of mining in the area, the Blue Moon mine produces a diverse spectrum of turquoise.

    Blue Moon turquoise is collected for its pale to medium blue color, which can range from a soft sky blue to a more vibrant azure hue. The gemstones occasionally exhibit a striking black matrix that creates a beautiful contrast, further enhancing the allure of the stone. This black matrix is often in the form of webbing or intricate patterns, lending a unique character to each piece.

    The Otteson family's dedication to sustainable and responsible mining practices ensures that the Blue Moon mine remains a reliable source of high-quality turquoise. The family works diligently to preserve the mine's integrity and the surrounding environment, making certain that future generations can continue to benefit from this valuable resource.

    Blue Moon turquoise has gained popularity among jewelry makers and collectors for its subtle elegance. The stones can be found in a wide array of jewelry designs, from traditional Native American pieces to more contemporary styles. The distinctive color and patterns of Blue Moon turquoise make it a favorite among artists seeking to create one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the stone's natural beauty. The Blue Moon Turquoise mine is a shining example of Nevada's rich mining heritage, and its stones continue to captivate the hearts of turquoise lovers around the globe.

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