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    Don Supplee

    Don Supplee grew up as the son of two teachers in Flagstaff, Arizona. Don longed to be a master chef and pursued his goal by attending the Culinary Institute of America. Don went on to become an accomplished chef.

    After several years, cooking no longer held the same interest and he switched careers. Don went to work for his brother, Charles Supplee, who was already an acclaimed silversmith. Charles was in need of some help in his studio, so Don initially helped with polishing and cutting stones.

    With his interested peeked, he worked diligently and soon began to explore his own style as an artist. Soon, he was producing amazing work under his own name. Don became famous for three-dimensional stone carvings and beautifully cast silver and gold.

    Don Supplee has gone on to have a remarkable career. He has won numerous awards and ribbons for his work and is even featured in the National Collection in Washington DC. Don Supplee is still young with a very bright career ahead of him.

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