Marie Yazzie

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    Marie Yazzie

    Marie C. Yazzie lives in Gallup, New Mexico. Silversmithing runs in her talented family. She is the daughter of silversmiths, Chee and Elsie Yazzie of Vanderwagen, NM. Marie is the middle child of 13 siblings. Several of these siblings are also accomplished jeweler-silversmiths, including Mary Yazzie Lincoln, Lee A. Yazzie, and Raymond C. Yazzie.

    Marie specializes in handmade silver beads with floral daisy stamps, which is an inspiration from her brother, Lee. Her jewelry is a beautiful take on classic Navajo pearls. Marie has been making jewelry since her teenage years, and it’s been her only occupation. Marie has two daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

    9 products
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