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    Sheldon Harvey

    Sheldon Harvey is an accomplished Navajo artist from Window Rock, Arizona. When asked about where he went to art school, Sheldon replied, “I studied in the Fine Arts program at Dine’ College, but I’ve been painting and creating art since I was little.” His uncle, Aaron Harvey, began teaching him how to paint at a young age. Sheldon also attributes his talents to the teachings of his grandfather, Leo Harvey, a silversmith, and Videl Nez, at Dine’ College.

    Sheldon was born in 1978 in Gallup, New Mexico. He gets his inspiration for his paintings and wood sculptures through sandpaintings, his own weavings, and Yei-Be-Che dances. 

    Sheldon Harvey's work depicts spirits from the Navajo creation myth and other ancient traditions in an effort to preserve his culture and the story of his people. His sculptures are made of wood, hand-stained and painted, with feather, yucca, and other natural material additions. Each signed piece embodies a piece of Navajo folklore and carries a piece of Sheldon’s creative essence.

    Sheldon Harvey received top honors at the 2008 Santa Fe Indian Market, when he won the “Best in Show” Award for his oil painting, “Trickster Ways.” He also won Best in Category for Sculpture Division at the same show, for a six-foot-tall piece based on the Navajo twin heroes legend who destroyed monsters and made the world safe for all mankind. It was the first time that an artist won awards in two separate categories.

    Sheldon’s innovative style has made him well sought-after around the world, with collectors as far reaching as United States, Europe and Asia.

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