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    Troy Natachu

    Troy Natachu was born in 1965 at the Pueblo of Zuni. At this time, his parents, Fred and Lolita Natachu, were already receiving recognition for their collaborated and intricate inlays of the traditional Sun Face, Knife Wing, and Rainbow Man jewelry.

    Troy is their first child with a brother born soon after him. His brother is a painter, but he decided to pursue another career. In 1969 Troy married Kathy Leekity, who is also from a well known family of jewelers. Kathy decided to join the Navy, and they moved to San Diego for seven years. When their first child was born, they wanted to move back to Zuni and raise their children with the culture, language and religion of their home.

    Troy worked for many years in maintenance at the Zuni Senior Center and only made jewelry on the side. He left his job to help raise his young grandson. Troy always loved the art of inlay and creates pieces that are more contemporary.

    In his spare time, he loves the outdoors and all that it offers, from sports, biking, and just being in nature. Troy has a natural talent for his clean inlay work, and we are looking forward to seeing what he will continue to create.

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