We Purchase Old Jewelry, Navajo Rugs, and Art!

Every day, the buyers at Garland's purchase Southwestern art from both contemporary artists and private collectors. The vast majority of our vintage pieces are acquired from private collections and individuals. Our primary interests include Native American or Southwestern jewelry, Navajo weavings, pueblo pottery, and Southwestern Native American basketry.

If you have Native American art that you would like to sell, please feel free to reach out. Since 1976, Garland's has proudly maintained a reputation for fairness and honesty... just ask our artists!

Here's how:

  • Email photos of your piece(s) to us at info@shopgarlands.com

    • The higher quality the photo, the easier it is for us to tell if we're interested.

    • For larger collections, group shots are adequate to start.
  • Include a price! What are you hoping to get for the piece?

    • It's incredibly difficult to give accurate values without seeing the piece(s) in person. We ask for a price because the piece(s) are physically in your hands. Additionally, most collectors have an idea of what they paid and what they would like to get.
    • If you unable to provide a price, we will do our best to give a ballpark estimate based on the photos. However, a firm offer will require seeing the piece(s) in person.
  • Include any information you have about the piece.

    • Where were they bought?

    • When were they bought?

    • Do you know the artist?

    • Do you know the turquoise mine, materials? etc.

Once we receive your email, we'll review the photos and let you know if we're interested and how to proceed. If we are not interested, we will try to recommend some other avenues to sell your items.

Please note that we receive many requests daily and it sometimes may take over a week for us to get you a response. There's no need for follow-up phone calls or emails, we'll get back to you as soon as we can and appreciate your patience!

Thank you for making us your choice when it comes to Southwestern art!