Navajo Rug Purses... Truly Wearable Art

Merging the worlds of fashion, art, and history, our Navajo Rug Purses truly are pieces of wearable art. The process of creating these beautiful handbags, clutches, wallets, and weekender bags is one that combines the talents of artists living a century apart, to ultimately bring our customers a durable, handmade piece of the Southwest that can be used every day.

It was a longtime dream of owners Dan and Tricia Garland, who opened Garland’s Navajo Rugs in 1976, to give new life to the sometimes tattered antique weavings they would come across. “Creating a one-of-a-kind purse from a beautiful Navajo rug that is simply beyond repair allows us to honor the art of a weaver who lived a century ago,” explained Tricia.

With the knowledge of the months (sometimes years!) of hard work that goes into producing a single Navajo rug, Dan and Tricia knew that there had to be a way to preserve these extraordinary works of art and make something new from these stunning antique weavings.

We’ve teamed up with three independent artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Phoenix to create an affordable line of unique, handmade Navajo Rug Purses with varied sizes and styles to meet every taste. Each bag or wallet is handcrafted from genuine leather and features an authentic Navajo weaving that dates back to around the 1920s. These beautiful handbags oftentimes feature bone beads, vintage silver conchas, fringe accents, mercury dimes or nickels, and even old half dollars to add to their old-meets-new, vintage aesthetic.

Taking the idea a step further, we also weave new life into old textiles by featuring handmade accent pillows made from Navajo rugs. From oversized to smaller throw pillows, we have a stylish selection of colors and patterns to add just the right amount of authentic Southwestern style to your interiors.

Visit us in-store or shop our selection of Navajo Rug Purses and Navajo Rug Pillows online.

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