We guarantee the craftsmanship of our art and are happy to facilitate any repairs. Proof of purchase is required for all repairs.

Within six months of the purchase, all repairs costs are covered by Garland's Jewelry. After six months, and in cases where the jewelry was mistreated, the cost of the repair can vary, depending on the particular piece and artist. All repair costs must be agreed to before the repair will begin.

Repairs generally take 6-8 weeks to complete. We do not repair jewelry in-house; artists outside the business complete all repairs. Costs and time frame are not determined by Garland’s, but by the artist completing the repair.

We do not repair art that was not purchased directly from Garland's.

** When shipping art back to Garland's, please carefully package your pieces - especially jewelry. Please do not ever ship jewelry in envelopes, as this will almost guarantee breakage. Jewelry must be shipped in boxes, and we recommend using bubble wrap or tissue paper as cushion. Garland's is not responsible for returns/repairs damaged in-transit and any related costs will be the responsibility of the customer/shipper. **