Social Responsibility

Our Mission

Our core mission is to directly support independent Southwestern Native American artisans and their cultural traditions. It has been a privilege to develop close friendships with many artists and their families over the years, many of which are multi-generational relationships. We consider our artists as partners in this business, and we are committed to always working with them fairly and honestly. Because we deal directly with our artists, we can guarantee authenticity and genuine materials for everything we sell. All of our artists set their retail prices. They are paid up front and receive the majority of the retail price.


Garland’s has supported numerous Native American and local philanthropic causes over the years, however, we strongly believe our biggest impact is made by direct financial support of our artists and their families during times of need. Since the 1970s, Garland’s has supported hundreds of Native American families. We frequently provide funds to support the funerals of family members, cover rent and car payments, or give advances on large rugs so the weavers have an income during the multi-month process of weaving big rugs. These artists provide art that helps our business thrive, and in return, it has been a great source of pride and honor that we are able to pay them generously for their art and also financially support them in times of need.


Our goal is to help preserve the unique indigenous cultures in the Southwest. Part of that responsibility is to educate our customers about the traditions and cultures that produce the art we carry. We have spent decades learning from these talented craftspeople and their rich cultures. The artwork we sell is not only beautiful but also packed with meaning and symbolism. It is an honor to pass on these artisans’ stories and traditions to our customers, and we do so with great respect and sensitivity.


Garland’s is a longstanding member of the ATADA, Antique Tribal Arts Dealers Association, which is dedicated to establishing and maintaining top standards of ethics and integrity around collecting indigenous art.