Teec Nos Pos

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Persian Rug Influence

Teec Nos Pos and its neighbor, Red Mesa, are located in the northeast corner of Arizona. The Teec Nos Pos rug is considered to be one of the most intricately detailed of all Navajo rug designs.

This regional style owes much to the influence of Persian rug designs and the input of early Crystal, New Mexico trader John B. Moore. Today’s Teec Nos Pos is tightly woven from mostly plied yarns in colors that range from bright jewel tones to earth tones and even pastels. It has a distinctive broad border (often an “X” or “H” shape) and an elaborate center with smaller complementary design elements.

The Red Mesa Outline is a contemporary version of the early “Eyedazzler.” It uses striking zig zag or serrated lines in various color combinations.

Weavers from the Teec Nos Pos and Red Mesa regions include Cora Tom, Bertha Frank, Lucy Yazzie, Bessie Littleben, and Ruby Coggashell.