Coyote Placing the Stars, A Navajo Creation Story

Coyote Placing the Stars, A Navajo Creation Story

This is a story of one of the Creation stories of the past in out Navajo Legends/Culture. This is a story of how the Stars were placed in the sky. 

The ending of my basket should be at the bottom. The first part of the story begins on the dark/black side of the basket. Medicine Men were picking certain spots in the sky to place...taking the longest of time. My first MM (Medicine Man) is sitting there, wondering where to put the next star and he doesn't have a clue where...the second MM is thinking...with folded arms. The third MM is pointing to a direction to where to place one. The Coyote is always in every one of our Creation stories...He is standing there, sort of upset because they (MM) were taking forever to place stars.

So this takes us to the other side of my basket...the blue side. Here the Coyote grabs a bunch of Stars from the ground and throws them in the air...scattering them all over. The MM were placing each Star so that it represented a Diety...instead the Coyote throws them everywhere in the sky. The MM stand up in anger and scold the Coyote because of what he did...that's why the MM are standing and making fists to show their anger towards the Coyote.

So the Black Sky was slightly lit and when the Coyote threw the Stars in the air...It lit up the sky blue.

The Yei...I put him or the Rainbow in each of my surrounding the whole story as protection for the story.

Thank you so much to anyone who considers purchasing one of my baskets...I hope that it will make your home even lovelier than before.

Thank you,

Alicia Nelson

Navajo Basket weaver

Traditional/Contemporary Designs.

Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

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