Hanging Your Navajo Weaving


Hanging Your Navajo Weaving with Velcro

In our experience, Velcro is the easiest way to hang a rug on a wall. If you purchase a Navajo Rug from Garland's and wish to display it on a wall, we will provide you with an appropriate amount of 2" self-adhesive velcro tape for free.

Please note: Some antique weavings may not adhere to Velcro. Please continue reading at the bottom of this article for instructions on how to hang these antique weavings.

Hanging Directly on Wall:

To hang your rug with Velcro, cut the Velcro to the width of your weaving. Remove the backing from the Velcro tape and stick the adhesive side to the wall. Simply press the weaving's top edge from corner to corner along the Velcro to evenly support it. You can use any extra Velcro to stick under the bottom edges of the rug, as this ensures the rug lies perfectly flat against the wall.

Using a Wood Strip:

Placing the adhesive side of the Velcro directly onto the wall may lift off paint when removed. If you wish to protect your wall surface, we recommend attaching the Velcro tape to a wood strip. Instructions for this process are below: 

Step 1:

Peel off the backing of your 2” self-adhesive Velcro tape. Make sure you have enough Velcro to run a strip from corner to corner along the top edge of the weaving to evenly support it.

Step 2:

Adhere the Velcro tape to a thin strip of wood such as lattice or a wide yard stick.  Again, make sure the length of the wood is equal to the width of your rug.

 Step 3:

Nail the wood to the display surface or suspend it from the surface on wire that has been run through "eye hooks."

Step 4:

After the wood strip is in place, just press the Navajo weaving up against the Velcro tape for display.  It holds the weaving in place beautifully.


Hanging Your Antique Navajo Weaving with Carpet Tack Strip

Some antique weavings with less “fuzz” may not stick adequately to the Velcro. In this case, we recommend using carpet tack strip to hang your weaving. This can be purchased at any hardware store. It is a strip of wood that has many small tacks that stick upwards. This strip of wood can be nailed into your wall. The top of the weaving can be worked into the tacks and it will safely hold the weaving up and distribute the weight evenly along all the tacks on the strip.

For Floor Use:

If your weaving will be displayed on a hardwood or tile floor, we recommend using a thick rug pad to prevent slipping on the weaving.


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  • Sue Jones

    What brand of velcro tape do you recommend? Do you sell rolls?

    Thank You

  • Garland's

    Hi Andrena, Yes, Velcro can support most large rugs as well. If necessary, you can use a double row of velcro at the top of the weaving for extra support.
    Velcro works best for weavings that still have fuzz. Some older/antique weavings don’t stick to the Velcro. In that case, we recommend using carpet tack strip which will grip and hold the rug with a row of small tacks at the top of the weaving. Carpet tack strip can be purchased at your local hardware store.

  • Andrena Browne

    Will the Velcro hanging method work for a 5×8 rug? Thanks!

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