Alvin Thompson

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Alvin Thompson

Alvin Thompson is a Navajo silversmith who specializes in the traditional sand-casting technique in which molten metal is poured into a handmade, one-of-a-kind mold made of fine sand.  He is a soft spoken, kind and humble man.  When he has free-time, he loves reading a good book.

Alvin is number 5 out of 7 children in his family.  His oldest sister Lula was the major influence of his traditional jewelry.  He currently works closely with his sisters Frida, Lucy and Marie who also make sand-cast jewelry.

Alvin was raised in Seba Dalkai, Arizona, which is a local Navajo community that has a boarding school.  In later years, he went to school in Winslow.

Alvin has 3 children of his own that are now in college or working professionally.  They will not be following the family tradition of jewelry making as of yet, but as Alvin says “Anything is possible!”.