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    Anderson Koinva

    Anderson Koinva was born in his home on Second Mesa on the Hopi Reservation on March 8, 1956. Many of the great Hopi jewelers come from Second Mesa.  He was a Kachina carver first and still enjoys carving and painting.  

    His father-in-law, Bernard Dawahoya (a renowned Hopi jeweler), taught Anderson the art of making jewelry and the famous overlay technique found mostly on Second Mesa. Anderson soon became known for his own beautiful silver overlay jewelry that represents various traditional Hopi symbols.

    He and his wife, Berna, have two children. Their son, Bo is following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps in jewelry making.  Anderson’s first grandchild was born January 2011.

    Anderson is a kind and soft spoken man who loves his family and creating art. We think he is one of the finest Hopi jewelers!

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