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    Cordell Pajarito is the second son of Anthony Lovato and the grandson of Mary Lovato.  He was born on August 13, 1988 in Santa Fe which is 30 miles from his home of Santo Domingo. The Kewa/Santo Domingo tribe is located along the Rio Grande just North of Albuquerque. 

    He has been so inspired by his father, his grandmother, and his older brother Joel.   You can see this in the similarity of his style to that of both the Lovato and Pajarito work.

    This family of artists is very close to one another. In addition to making jewelry, one of their collaborative activities is that they spend a lot of time together raising horses; not only do they ride the horses in the wild country of New Mexico, but they breed them as well. They are also passionate about plants and have an elaborate garden.

    Cordell does truly amazing work!

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