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    Dan Jackson
    Dan Jackson was an award winning Navajo silversmith who was best known for his meticulous “rug pattern” etchings in silver and gold.

    Dan learned silversmithing from his father, John Nez Begay who made jewelry for over 80 years, and lived to be 106 years old.  His mother, Bernice Charlie, was a weaver and was the source of Dan’s inspirations.  Visiting him in a dream, she stirred him to create his famous triple overlay rug design jewelry.

    Dan’s formal education was in engineering.  He worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs for 20 years.  After being injured in 1985, Dan needed another way to support his family, including 4 daughters.  Being an accomplished silversmith, it only made sense to him to devote his time to making jewelry.

    Dan consistently collected awards and accolades at juried art shows.  He won numerous awards and ribbons at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, the Window Rock Arizona Tribal Fair, the New Mexico and Arizona State Fairs and the Shiprock New Mexico Fair.

    Dan Jackson passed away in May 2022. He was a dear friend and we will miss his sense of humor and undeniable talent.
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