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    D'Armon Kootswatewa

    D'Armon Kootswatewa was born in 1966 and is from Moenkopi, Arizona west of the Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. D'Armon has two children with his wife, Louise Kootswatewa. D'Armon first learned to carve from Cecil Calnimptewa Sr. while working on Cecil's ranch long ago.

    D'Armon has become an award winning Kachina carver and is one of the most talented Hopi carvers that we have the privilege of working with. In 1993, D'Armon won First Place at the Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial for one of his Kachina carvings. He continues to win awards and gain notoriety as one of the best Hopi Kachina carvers of his generation.

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