Dinah and Pete Gasper

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Dinah and Pete Gasper

Peter Gasper (deceased May 2011, born 1938) and Dinah Gasper (1944-) are credited with being the first Zuni carvers to inlay heartlines into animals. Another innovation of theirs was to inlay small dots of silver into their pieces, giving a reflective quality to the inlaid dots.

Peter and Dinah Gasper carved together in the traditional style. Dinah Gasper born in 1944 and is the daughter of renowned Zuni carver Teddy Weahkee. The Weahkee family is considered the oldest Zuni family to carve Zuni Fetishes. Teddy Weahkee worked directly with C.G. Wallace in the early 20th century as is considered to be one of Zuni’s most famous carvers along with Leekya Deyuse.

In the mid 1950s, Peter studied at the Santa Fe Indian School in the field of painting, but applied his artistic skills to Zuni fetish carving after he met Dinah. He would go on to teach silversmithing at the Zuni Craftsmen Cooperative Association.

They often carved water animals, including turtles, frogs and fish. Even though Pete has now passed, Dinah continues to make amazing, one-of-a-kind fetishes and fetish necklaces. They have both won many prestigious awards throughout their long careers.