Irwin and Jeanette Pecos

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    Irwin and Jeanette Pecos

    Irwin and his wife Jeanette Pecos are from the Jemez Pueblo in Sandoval County, New Mexico.  Jemez is one of 19 New Mexico pueblo tribes with 3,400 Tribal members.  His parents are Jose & Carol Pecos. Irwin was taught the artwork by his mother and has been producing pottery for sale since 1981. He also has other siblings that make pottery, including Rose Pecos-Sun Rhodes who creates beautiful storytellers. Irwin makes traditional polychrome figures and canteens.

    Irwin and Jeanette are known for their artistry. Jeanette more famous for her Nativity scenes, and Irwin for his bears and storytellers. Along with the art of their pottery, they are avid farmers and are very active in their tribe. They both are such kind and loving people!

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