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    Jonah Hill
    “Love, light, and happiness are the keys to the universe. I try to express these keys in my artwork. Whether I am working with wood, metal, photography, or printmaking, I try to let these elements flow through me and into my work. Through my efforts I try to produce art that speaks to the inner soul of the viewer, in the hopes that they too will also use the talents they possess to further these ideas. I want to be able to use the creative process to capture the physical being of these elements, as they exist in nature. These concepts live in the hint of a smile, in the leaf of a plant, and in the movement of the wind and water.

    “I am from the Hopi reservation in Northern Arizona. To the Hopi, water plays an important part of daily life. As dry farmers we rely on annual rain and snowfall to benefit our crops and orchards. Spirituality and ceremony are also a daily part of living, and being connected to place and nature has given me inspiration for my various types of expression. I have a vested interest in water issues as they pertain to native peoples and use the artistic process to express my love and concern for water and the related environmental issues surrounding this most precious resource. I have been an artist for over 10 years, I am a river guide, environmental educator, and ethnobotanist, and have worked with various types of media and have exhibited my work in numerous shows and galleries.” - Jonah Hill 2014. Jonah is Hopi and Quechan, from the Queetsan tribe.

    In 2023, Jonah had an accident while working as a river guide, another of his passions. After this accident, he had two of his toes removed which prompted him to create a new hallmark which reflects his new state of being. It’s a beautiful illustration of his new foot.
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