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    Mark Roanhorse Crawford

    Mark Roanhorse Crawford was born in Crystal, New Mexico in 1985. He was born into the Towering House Clan and the Water’s Edge Clan.

    Mark’s brothers, Duane and Michael, are both silversmiths, and Mark learned his craft as a young boy by watching his brothers make jewelry. Mark and Michael are both featured in the book, “Silver and Stone: Profiles of American Indian Jewelers”.

    Mark Roanhorse Crawford excels at the tufa cast technique. He carves intricate designs into tufa, a volcanic stone, and pours molten silver into the cast. Tufa Stones often break after a single cast, making each piece a unique work of art.

    Mark's wife, Alethia Little Crawford, is also a talented silversmith. Her work includes tufa casting and intricate woven silver lattice designs.

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