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    Ruby Haley

    Navajo woman, Ruby Haley, is a fourth generation artist of old-style Navajo Pearls. She was born for NaashgalÍ dine’é deeshchii’nii clan into Tó baazhini’azhi clan. In English, this means she is born of the Mescalero Apache clan and Start of the Red Streak People into Two Who Came to Water clan. She is married to Benjamin Haley of Twin Lakes, New Mexico, where they reside. They have one son named Ben Patrick, and two daughters, Veltenia and Victoria who are fifth generation silver bead makers. Their eight grandchildren are the sixth generation who are all silversmiths.

    Silversmithing was passed down from Ruby’s paternal grandmother’s Elsie Lee Becenti’s father, Hastii’ Litsooii (Yellowman) Lee. He passed on silversmithing to Ruby’s father Ned Becenti, Sir, who married her mother Rhoda Begay after returning from the Korean War. Ruby’s father taught her mother and nine sisters silversmithing. Ruby was only five years old when she began learning the basics.

    The creation of the round bead starts by milling, fabricating, soldering, and finishing with a shine or an old style oxidized look for one bead of many sizes. These bead are made from generation after generations of a family history of silversmiths. The Haleys take great pride in their work. They treasure each unique strand of beads as its made with precision, technique, and talent for every valued and new owner of each handmade piece. They thank you for your support. Enjoy your new authentic Navajo Pearls.

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