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    Steve Yellowhorse

    Steve Yellowhorse is a Navajo silversmith and goldsmith who was born in 1954 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Steve comes from a long line of distinguished men and women, whom he names as his influences. 

    His great-great grandfather, Hosteen Bele-sle-zo, was among the thousands of Navajo who were forcefully relocated during the Long Walk of 1868.  His grandmother, Anna Yellowhorse, was a fine Navajo weaver who married the creative visionary, Arthur Beasley.  Together, his grandparents Arthur and Anna built the Navajo Castle, a remarkable adobe building that has since become a tourist stop on Route 66 near Lupton, Arizona.

    Steve’s father, William Beasley, served in WWII before returning to Arizona with his wife, Constance, and taking on the persona of Chief Yellowhorse, entrepreneur and the brains behind Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post at the Arizona-New Mexico border.

    Steve Yellowhorse learned his craft from Kevin Barnhill and Tom Taylor, and has been creating jewelry since the age of 21.  He takes inspiration from natural design, Art Nouveau, modern art, and music to create his distinctive style.  Some of his favorite design elements include butterflies, water, leaves, clouds, and rock art pictographs. 

    Steve feels that part of the art of making jewelry is to connect the artist with the wearer, commenting that each piece he makes is a part of his life.  He wants his works to be cherished by their owners and to become treasured family heirlooms.

    Steve currently resides in Gallup, New Mexico and his work is featured in galleries across the Southwest.

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