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    Tommy Singer
    Thomas Singer, more commonly known as Tommy Singer, was a renowned Navajo silversmith known for his exceptional craftsmanship and intricate designs. He was born in September 17, 1938 in Winslow, Arizona, and passed away on May 31, 2014.

    Tommy Singer came from a family of silversmiths, learning the art from his father at a young age. He started his career in the early 1960s and quickly gained recognition for his unique style and high-quality work. He was one of the early pioneers of the overlay technique in Navajo jewelry, which involves layering two pieces of silver, with the top layer featuring a cut-out design that exposes the oxidized bottom layer to create a detailed and contrasting effect.

    Notably, Singer is attributed with inventing the chip inlay technique, a method where small pieces of stones, such as turquoise or coral, are inlaid into channels carved in the silver. This technique became his signature style and earned him a distinguished reputation in the Native American art world.

    Throughout his career, Singer's designs often featured traditional Navajo symbols, animals, and landscape elements, reflecting his deep connection to his culture and heritage. His work has been showcased in various galleries and museums, and he was a regular participant in the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market, where he received numerous awards for his exceptional artistry.

    Tommy Singer's legacy as a master silversmith continues to inspire new generations of Native American artists, and his work remains highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.
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