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    Blue Gem

    The Blue Gem Mine site is near Battle Mountain in Lander County, Nevada. Originally opened in 1934 as the Battle Mountain mine, the Blue Gem Mine has produced a huge variety of Turquoise, from dark greens to dark blues and everything in between. The Blue Gem Mine is known to be a particularly deep deposit of turquoise, with some mine shafts descending 800 feet below the surface. The turquoise found in the Blue Gem mine is some of the highest quality turquoise found in Nevada. Due to its depth in the ground, Blue Gem turquoise is an extremely hard, gem-grade turquoise stone (hence the name). An unusually high percentage of Blue Gem Turquoise is higher grade, hard stones that do not require stabilization. Artists love working with Blue Gem because of its hardness, deep colors, and ability to hold a beautiful polish.

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