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    The Fox Turquoise Mine, located in Lander County, Nevada, is renowned for its impressive turquoise deposits. This historic mine, also known as the Cortez Mine, has been in operation since the early 1900s and is one of the most productive turquoise mines in the state.

    Renowned for its remarkable quality, Fox turquoise exhibits a diverse color palette, with shades ranging from bright blues to rich greens. The stones often feature a dark brown to black matrix, adding to their unique visual appeal. Fox turquoise has been a favorite among collectors, artists, and jewelry makers for its captivating colors, durability, and distinct patterns.

    Due to its extensive history and exceptional quality, Fox turquoise remains a highly sought-after gemstone. As you explore the world of turquoise, the Fox Turquoise Mine offers a fascinating glimpse into Nevada's rich mining heritage and the timeless beauty of these precious stones.

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